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Courses – Doctor in Christian Business Administration

Students wanting to enter the Doctor’s Degree in Christian Business Administration programme must have completed a Master’s Degree.

The Doctor’s Degree in Christian Business Administration offers pastors, missionaries and other leaders an opportunity for professional and personal growth. It is a postgraduate qualification which exposes the post graduate student to advanced coursework and dissertation with the focus on large Christian corporate organisations and Mega churches.

This course is designed for Christian leaders and senior business people to expand their knowledge, good judgment, skills, attitude and experience and examine a large Christian organisational problem in depth.

Upon the successful completion of the Doctor‘s Degree in Christian Business Administration the students should be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of different funding models for non-profit and large Christian organisations

  • analyse and synthesise the theoretical and scientific based content of the broader managerial science

  • analyse and synthesise the current issues and projects faced by executive managers

  • demonstrate knowledge, comprehension, good judgment, skills and attitudes with regard to management challenges applicable to their areas of responsibility

  • demonstrate the importance of autonomous research results to both expert and non-expert audiences

  • be prepared for advanced Christian leadership positions in large Christian organisations and Mega Churches

  • demonstrate mastery of information by being able to define and illustrate the most essential definitions and theories in accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing

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