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Once you have decided what Course you want to study, you will need to complete your “Student Application” form, which can be found under the “Downloads” tab. You will then need to email your Student Application form including all other credentials and references of your ministry to

Once you have sent through your credentials, Team Impact University will determine if certain units can be exempt or credited.

You will receive a welcome letter within 14 days of your application approval.

If you have any questions, please call the Dean on 1300 997 404 to discuss further.

Fees for qualifications can be found under "Downloads" tab Catalogue -Page 5

Payment for units can be made direct to:

Powerhouse College

BSB: 066 -192

ACC: 1060 3191

or by cheque to:

Powerhouse College

PO BOX 2149

Warwick WA 6024

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